“I started Dog Gone Walkin in 2006. I didn't know what it would become. I was working night shifts at a photolab and would take my dog Lola to the Silverlake dog park during the day. On one of our visits we saw a dog that had no owner. Others at the park said she had been there for 3 days and no one could grab her. I slipped a leash around her when she was distracted with another dog brought her home. She bit my boyfriend on the arm and he wanted her gone! I convinced him to let her stay and worked with her. Back at the dog park everyone started noticing how well she was doing, and when a fellow park goer said she needed a walker I stepped up. The rest is history”- Katie Rinaldi

How it all began

Dog Gone Walkin’ is the passion project of Catherine Rinaldi, whose love for animals started like that of many children; rescuing homeless wildlife to the sighs of her mother. Eventually arriving in Los Angeles as a professional skateboard photographer, she spent years in several neighborhoods that DGW services to this day. Dog Gone Walkin’ maintains an exclusive focus on the areas Echo Park, Silverlake, Los Feliz in order to deliver affordable service in communities it has formally operated in since 2006.

Dog Gone Walkin’

DGW grew organically out of networking with fellow dog owners at Silverlake Resevoir. The walking of neighbor’s dogs evolved into forming foundational trust with area residents, making DGW a mainstay for dog owners seeking premium care for their furbabies ever since. Katie is also a certified animal behaviorist and dog trainer for film and television. Her experience over years provides a deep understanding of the care needed for elderly, sick and special needs pets as well. The prominent growth of DGW garnered coverage in Los Angeles Magazine,, and it has been voted top 5 dog walkers in LA over several years including 2018. Dog Gone Walkin’ prides itself on its diverse roster of walkers who share a love for all things furry and feathered.