Our Start

In second grade a wrote a page on how I wanted to be vetereranian (sp) I couldn't spell it but I wanted to be it. I had a beagle and I would spend the afternoons walking figure 8s trying to teach him not to pull. I would crawl under crawl spaces to rescue trapped pregnant strays. I would also bring home the neighbors cats cause "it looked like it didn't have a home." It's safe to say i've been an animal lover since day one.

I started Dog Gone Walkin in 2006. I didn't know what it would become. I was working night shifts at a photolab. During the day I would take my dog Lola to the Silverlake dog park. On one of our visits we saw a dog that had no owner. Others at the park said she had been there for 3 days and no one could grab her. I slipped a leash around her when she was distracted with another dog brought her home. She bit my boyfriend on the arm and he wanted her gone! I convinced him to let her stay and worked with her. Back at the dog park everyone started noticing how well she was doing.

Long story short.  A dog park friend was going back to work and needed a dog walker. I offered my time and she accepted after seeing how much our rescue had improved in such a short time. From there I put out an ad in craigslist and posters around the neighborhood. I grew so fast within my first year I hired someone to help. She still works with me to this day. Since then we have been in Los Angeles Magazine,, voted top 5 dog walkers in LA for multiple years including this current year 2018.  Since my start I have become a certified animal behaviorist and a dog trainer for film and television. I haven't taken a day off since the beginning. We love our clients. We are there for a lot of our clients happy and sad moments and multiple generations of pets. We may have staff and an app but we are still very personal and look forward to being part of your pets life!